What is The MoNA Life Organization?

Part landscape design firm, part environmental advocacy group, part holistic wellness consultancy, and part sustainable real estate developer, the MoNA Life Organization is all about living luxuriously alongside nature.

At the MoNA Life Organziation, our mission is to create aspirational, nature rich environments that improve the lives of all living things (including, but not limited to, us humans). We love plants, trees, flowers, animals, water, rocks, soil and all of the individual elements that make up balanced ecosystems. Our designs strive to incorporate the sense of harmony and serenity that is lacking in so many of our chaotic modern lives.

If youโ€™re craving an indoor-outdoor living environment that will help set your mind at ease and continue to inspire you daily, look no further than the MoNA Life Organization. We look forward to co-creating a beautiful habitat, filled with wonder and that intangible touch of design magic!