What is MoNA Life?

MoNA Life is a creator of regenerative environments and experiences that simultaneously heal people and the planet. Our creations combine the principles of regenerative agriculture and permaculture with the essence of luxury living and experiential design. 

What is MoNA Life’s Mission?

MoNA Life aims to help humanity overcome anxiety and depression caused by the disconnection with nature that is perpetuated by our modern world. We do this by immersing people into a lifestyle that balances our creature comforts with a more rewarding and purposeful way of living in alignment with nature.

What is a MoNA Nature Farm?

Our Nature Farms are communities of people, plants, animals, and all of the other elements of a healthy ecosystem who work together to employ regenerative land care practices that go beyond the notions of restoration and sustainability. In doing this, we embrace the idea that our role in the natural world is to co-create dynamic, resilient, self-sustaining and biodiverse ecosystems. 

What does the MoNA acronym stand for?

Originally, MoNA stood for The Museum of Natural Art. As the MoNA concept evolved, the acronym pivoted to stand for The Ministry of Natural Alignment. 

How can I experience MoNA Life?

MoNA Life can be experienced in many ways. Join us on a transformative retreat at one of our Nature Farms, hire us to transform your property into a dynamic food forest ecosystem that supports an abundance of wildlife, while nourishing you and your family, or simply get started on your MoNA Life journey by following us on Instagram.